Flow of Balance – Workshop

What is the Flow of Balance?

It is impossible to stand still, your balance is a perpetual juggling act. It consists of such tiny movements, that most of us are not aware of them. However these tiny movements have a massive force: a kinetic energy proportionate to the body’s mass.
The Flow of Balance is a fundamental aspect of the body, understanding it enables you to move with more smoothness and efficiency and to synchronise with other people.
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The aim of workshop

This workshop shows you the potential of Flow of Balance and teaches you how to develop it and apply it in any situation, especially those where your movement must be spontaneous and improvised.
The workshop will be interactive and will include a jam which will give you the opportunity to play and explore some of the possibilities the flow of balance creates. The physical improvisation is unique and maybe different to dance that you know, the theme is dance-fighting. The goal is not to support your dance partner, but rather to gently take his/her balance. It brings us out of our habitual patterns and teaches us about our body’s structure.


Play-fight camp Tuscany 2017

Where does it comes from?

Dance-fighting originates from a Russian martial art called Systema. The higher levels of this internal martial art work with the Flow of Balance and other principles which are fundamental aspects for all movement disciplines, especially dance.
Bruno Caverna with his Formless Art: ‘Play-fight’ has been another source for me, however Dancefighting differs as an artform as it is based on my expression and experiences.
I taught at Bruno’s Play-Fight Camp Berlin 2016 and and the annual Play-Fight Camp Tuscany 2017.

Tibor Moravcik


Tibor Moravcik – organiser of Workshop

Instructor of Russian Systema
Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu
Karate Champion of Slovakia, 2002
Kick Boxing Champion of Slovakia, 2000


I have been studying many Martial Arts for over 30 years. I started with harder styles, but I’ve been naturally attracted to internal Martial Art such as Russian Systema and Wing Chun. I have also experience from real life as a doorman. At the moment I am teaching self-defence in London and Tunbridge Wells.

Another Art of movement: Dance is also really close to my nature. I used to dance in a Hip hop – Breakdancing crew, however today I prefer spontaneous free flow in the clubs.

The desire to understand the human body and help others led me to my other job: Massage therapy.

I am sharing my self-defence advice on my webside SystemaTM.com, common biomechanics advice at Bodywaving.com or on my Youtube Channel

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