Dance as a self-defence method

The most of Martial Arts teaches through focus awareness. This state of mind is very limited, because it based on control. If both side try to control, we very quickly rich limits of control…

In Dancefight we don’t control, we accept.

We don’t focus, we rather flow*.

Being in the flow integrate our body, mind and spirit, and it naturally creates efficient solution much quicker and smoother than being in focus awareness.

In Dancefight we don’t care about loose or win… To be free from competition we can express ourselves and play with new things.

However Dancefight is not a complex self-defence system, e.g. we don’t work with aggression. However, ability to flow far away from comfort zone has a real value not just in dance, but in real fight or any sport.

* *In psychology is flow also known as the zone or diffused awareness.