Bodywave – Flow of Kinetic Energy

We have basically two kind of body-mechanics, two way how to move, generate or transfer power:

  1. Mechanically (similar like a robot or a crane), we create solid constructions, all involved muscles have to be tense during work.
  2. Bodywave, where you cumulate power from all body into one moment as a whip.

Bodywave Flows smoothly via Relaxed body.

With Bodywave you do the job with less energy – you are more Efficient.

Sometimes we naturally use Bodywave (e.g. walking or throwing), but we can use this tool to push, pull or strike.

Use Bodywave subconsciously is nice, however you can develop it much higher, if you are Aware of this Force.

Mastery of Bodywave makes you Quicker, Stronger and Unpredictable.

Reading of Bodywave let you see how somebody Cumulate an Energy – you can Predict the action, or you to hide your intention.

Bodywave could look like oscillation (pendulum).

nearly free energy, which manifest as an into ours bodies.

Dancefight is about Surfing on Free energy of Bodywave.

We can synchronise with Bodywave of others bodies around.., what allow us to Flow between them, Control , or Strike.

Bodywave work is a condition for other more gently Internal forces (internal energy to calls Qi or Chi in Chinese systems.

New Experience, Knowledge and Skills get through Dancefight can be more than handy in real self-defence situation..

demand improved internal feeling. it’s a first step to internal power non thinking mode.