Dancefight synergizes two ancient arts of movement: Dance* and Martial Arts**.

A warrior has a natural intention to surprise his opponent.  This produces chaos as a characteristic aspect of the fight.

On the other hand, chaos is also the catalyst of creation..

How would the intention to fight affect dance?
It would create new dimensions of movement – it would create Dancefight.

A Dancefighter is not so collaborative as a common dancer. He gently leads you to flow out of your comfort zone – far away from your usual patterns..

The variety of different impulses (e.g. pulling or pushing off balance) brings you new experiences and makes you more adaptive and healthier.

Dancefightimg without a partner allows you to master Bodywaving – this gives you massive additional power and makes your body smoother stronger and more dynamic. The Bodywave is an important tool for working with internal vital energy (known as Qi or Ki).

Poor feeling and lack of biomechanical knowledge are normally replaced by brute force. For the same reason we do the opposite: we use as little power as possible. To do a job with less power improves your efficiency.

Fine tuned feeling helps you to synchronize with your surroundings.


* especially Dance:  Contact improvisationContemporary dance, Play-fight, B-boying, etc.

** especially Martial Arts: Russian Systema, Wing Chun kung fu , Capoeira etc.



Principle Of Dance Fight 

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