Dance as a self-defence method

The most that Martial Arts teaches us is focus and awareness. Using this state of mind we try to control the situation. Control is a very limited concept, especially in a fight. How do you react if you cannot keep control anymore…?

In Dancefight we don’t control, we accept.
We don’t focus, we rather flow.
In the flow you integrate your body, mind and spirit easier.

A flowing body naturally creates efficient solutions much quicker and smoother than in a state conscient focus or awareness.

In Dancefight we don’t intend to lose or win… We can play and freely express ourselves.
Dancefight is not a complex self-defence system (e.g. we don’t work with aggression). However, the ability to flow, far away from our comfort zone, or to synchronise with other people, has true value not just in dance, but in any sport/ fight.