Bruno’s Play-fight as an inspiration

I was invited by Bruno Caverna with my Systema brother Rob Poyton to teach Systema for “Play-fight” community in Berlin. I was looking forward to attending it, because it merges my loves, hobbies (and job): Martial Arts and Dance.

I have to say, that flowing in Play-fight is one of the most fun things I’ve done. So it was no wonder, that I straight away fell in love with Bruno’s concept! <3

In Play-fight you play different fighting games in a dancing style with your partner, so there is no reason to resist (as happens commonly in Martial Art’s). People naturally accept the flow of Bodywave as they are more relaxed and look happier. 😀

So through dancing we can naturally learn the same high level warrior’s skills in a peaceful and creative atmosphere.

Play-fight exercises are going much deeper than just standard bio-mechanic programs do. It draws top knowledge from internal Internal Martial Arts systems (such as Russian Systema, Wing Chun or Tai chi). Play-fighting is a great tool to develop integrity of body, mind and soul.

So far, I have been doing something similar, but in a different way. Bruno’s way is even more fun. So I am already preparing a new class with a similar concept in London, calls Dancefight.

I also really like idea of ‘Instructors Brainstorming, where we share each other’s knowledge and experience. Bruno has found a nice way how to work with internal energy. Frob Rob I learn same interesting stuff from Tai chi Shockwave…

However I didn’t learnt just from Rob and Bruno, I learnt a lot from all the participants of our workshop. Guys, thanks to you all.

I hope that my knowledge and experience helped others.

May the wave be with you..