Bodywave – Flow of Kinetic Energy

We have basically two kinds of body-mechanics, two ways how to move, generate or transfer power:

  1. Mechanical (similar to a robot or a crane), we create solid constructions, all involved muscles are tense.
  2. Bodywave, we use the flow of kinetic energy. If kinetic energy is already created, we use it as a free energy, or let it disappear…  Bodywave is more efficient than the classic mechanical way – we need to use less energy.


With bodywave you accumulate power from all over your body into one moment (like a whip).
Bodywave flows straight or oscillates like a pendulum/ metronome (e.g. walking).

However, using bodywave is not so easy… It demands skills like a relaxed body or a good internal feeling. Also, bodywave needs precise body coordination. Therefore many people use the mechanical way, rather than bodywave (which needs to be practised).


An awareness of bodywave helps you to integrate it in your everyday life.

Studying it methodically helps you to improves the flow and efficiency of your habitual movements (e.g. throwing, walking, dancing). It will also affect your speed and power.

Through the study of bodywaving you will learn to read other people’s bodywaves.
It lets you see how somebody acc
umulates their energy – thus you can predict their actions, or hide your own intentions.

When you have mastered to synchronise with our own body, and that of your dancefight partner through bodywave, you can synchronise your movements (waves) with more people around you…

Bodywave is a gate to other more gentle internal forces (Qi/Chi, Prana).

New experience, knowledge and skills acquired through dancefight is more than handy in any real life situation, such as dance, sports and martial arts.