Superdynamic Movement


Aim of the workshop

Firstly, to become more aware of the forces involved in movement… Beside muscle power and bodywave (the flow of kinetick energy), we use the potential energy of our lifted bodyweight, the power of ‘pendulum’ – oscillation of kinetic energy, flow of balance etc.
We are going to really deeply explore and feel how we generate the kinetic energy in different ‘kinetic centres’.
We will learn more ways to accumulate the kinetic energy e.g. like a whip, like a catapult like a slingshot etc.
We can flow at different frequencies: from long gliding movement to vibration.
We’ll also go through practical situations where we can use superdynamic movements.
1/3 of workshop will be a jam of dancefight contact improvisation to synchronise with others.

Power of wave - workshop in Berlin 2016

How to move superdynamically?

If you want to express your full potential to move dynamically, you cannot neglect your bodywave – the flow of kinetic energy.
It’s important to release all undesirable tension as this is counterproductive.
To synchronise with your own bodywave you need to feel it.

Superdynamic Movement – workshop – Trinity Laban March 2018

How is Superdynamic movement beneficial for you?

It makes you quicker (useful in any sport, dance or self-defence).
It relaxes you and makes your movements smoother.
It improves your blood and lymphatic circulation.
Dynamic body, dynamic mind.


Dancefight & Classic contact improvisation

Dancefight is a new kind of contact improvisation with a ‘fighting theme’.
In dancefight we lead our dance partner differently, you are leading your dance partner off balance, instead of supporting them. Playing with structure increases chaos and creates new positions, new situations and brings new challenges for you… To flow out of your comfort zone is harder than flowing in your favourite patterns. Dancefight is a new way of expressing yourself.
It’s also fun to safely and slowly flow through ‘action scenes’ and get a action experience in a safe dancing environment…

Where does Dancefight come from?

All movers: dancers, warriors and sportsmen are free to create their unique style, however it is universally true for all of us to follow the laws of nature.
Dancefight brings a deeper understanding of these laws in relation to our movement and is a path towards becoming a more effective mover.
It comes with a methodology of how these fundamental aspects of movements develop.

Tibor’s Dancefight draws heavily from ancient Internal Martial Arts such as Russian Systema and Chinese Wing Chun Kung fu. Other inspirations are Dance, especially Break Dance and Hip Hop.
The depth of Tibor’s knowledge also comes from his endless desire to observe, study and develop his own movements…

A source of inspiration for Tibor is Bruno Caverna with his Formless Art: ‘Play-fight’. He felt in love with Bruno’s concept, when he was teaching at Bruno’s events: Play-Fight Workshop in Berlin 2016 and at the annual Play-Fight Camp Tuscany 2017.

Tibor recently ran the Dancefight workshop ‘Flow of Balance’ in Trinity Laban London 2017.